Training period in overseas completed

We did 90 days long training program in overseas for the LogPro SA´s first installation crew. Intensive training overseas was joint for the one year long training and working in CapeTown on our target site Villa Nordic. From supervisors aspect crew managed quite well and the South African way of “team work” was necessary to be updated by learning more social skills instead of practical skills. Practical skills were already learned earlier, but the flood of information makes people usually forget learned things and after few re-fresh training´s all starts to come back again to you like this engineered timber house installation process. 

These all are done by our LogPro SA crew under Supervisors training and control. After 1,5 years hard training and working we have achieved wide scale of skills for our SA crew what goes over South African quality standards easily.

So I can proudly present LogPro SA logo.

Our business strategy is to provide all needed services under one roof. This means in  future that we will be training more installation teams and subcontractors for our service network to install special products. Year 2020 we will launch new recruitment for selecting labor and subcontractors for training. 

Unique design and engineered wooden structures with pyramid class roof.

LogPro SA will be representing Polarlifehaus products and will provide installation services and support / training in South Africa and in Africa. We will start co-operating with local Architect offices who are interested from engineered wooden structures and ecological  sustainable solutions.

Quality of work shows on details made by LogPro SA carpenters.

Quality starts from the structures done in correct and long lasting way from right kind of materials. Finishing and outlook comes then done by builders on site. Project management and supervising of work or workers is not just sitting in office. When reaching up to high quality and outcome, management or supervisor has to be in present on site during works controlling the work and guiding labor on the hardest and most difficult parts of construction work.

Few experiences from SA crew

My Finland experience by Craig

Where do I begin , from the 1st day we set foot in Finland my life changed as it was a whole new experience to me and our SA team. Life is so different and calm in Finland and it was one of the best places ever visited by me. Training was a tough journey without our families, but the experience and training sites were awesome because I was learning a lot of new skills and tricks from our awesome mentor’s #Jari & #Juha 

We did travel to many different places in Finland and all places were amazing. We also had  experience some very cold weather. Long distances of traveling across Finland to our sites. We also experienced some nice snowfall and that was an amazing experience indeed.

If I could return to Finland for another training period or even work for the company a shorter period in bigger projects? It would be in a heartbeat. 

We had also an awesome Team on our boat cruise to Stockholm.

Jari & Juha thank you for the amazing experience and opportunity you have provided for me and also for all your efforts and time what you have invest for LogPro SA to train us. 


My Finland experience by Charles

Firstly I would like to say thank you for everything you provided us in our 3 months visit. It was such a big experience for us.

We learned a lot´s of new things during our stay in Finland. We did repeat works what we did on Villa Nordic. We improved our skills in all sectors like installing frames, windows, roofs . We learned on how to build frame work structures,
to install insulation in correct way, I was thought to do also painting works.  We improved on cladding because we did different kind and types of cladding´s and renovations with fine finishing. 

Last thing what we learnt was social skills to torrent one another and work as a team and work for the team.


My Finland experience by Jonathan

What an awesome opportunity it was been able travel in Finland. As an South African entering to a this country opened my eyes. There is so much new ways of doing life. Yes I came for training and learning new skills, but it forced me to look on life itself on totally new way. Like I said I came as an part of our team and if you don’t have social skills then you can’t work together as a team, which is probably one of the most important factors in getting a job done on time and efficient when everyone is working for the team to achieve best possible outcome.

 Tools are also most essential if you don’t have the right tools you can be certain that your job is going to take longer than what it supposed to. 

Knowledge “know-how” is also supper important because if the ground works and foundations are not done with needed accuracy you can get yourself ready for having problems somewhere down the line. Although as a person you come with background knowledge you must always know that there is someone that knows a bit better and be receptive of that.

 All in all I had a fun time when we had day off´s from training. I’ve done things in my life know during 3 months period what I never thought I’d would do in my lifetime, like a boat cruise and seen sites that I never knew existed. And all of this was made possible by two brothers that always worked hand in hand, Jari and Juha. Thanks guys for everything and may things only get better for us and LogPro SA.



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