Snowman World site update.

During spring 2018 we did 5 pcs. new Igloos on site. Our job on site was frame and glass installations because of tight schedule. Our clients workers and subcontractors proceed with works after frames.

When I went to South-Africa in summer, just before that we got Igloos ready and our Finnish team started to work 500m2 restaurant frame in Snowman World Glass Resort.

Summer vent by and turned into autumn. Restaurant complicated shape frame was build up with PolarLifeHaus style. At the moment interior works are going forward by clients subcontractors and restaurant will be opened on christmas or latest in January 2019. 

Our client was pleased again for outcome and our way to work trough on this year. New Igloos was taken in use on schedule and 1 month earlier than last year. We hope all the best for this season to our client and enjoyable moments for Glass Resort visitors all around the world who are traveling to explore Finland and northern exotic lights. 

For end of this year we have still lot´s of interesting works to do and planning for coming year. If this year was full of challenges, next year might be even more challenging in new projects.

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