Now after 4 weeks staying in Cape-Town I have had also time to do some exploring.

South-Africas nature compared what I have used to is so much different. There is awsome places to go and enjoy landscapes by hiking or mountain biking. Ofcourse needs to be careful, because there is a possibility that you might have encounter with animals while sporting in nature. Like I had one, 4 huge ostrich in Cape Point, few baboons and one snake. Also security enviroment change between different areas for non SA residence is very difficult to notice, where is safe to move and what are the areas with high risk and criminal activity. SA society is not on same level like in skandinavia and the biggest reason for all crimes from my point of few is poverty and unemployment. That is why there is lot’s of private security companies for securing residents and private areas.


Table Mountain is one quite exiting place for hiking, it is just amazing place. For locals it is just a mountain and it has always been there, but for me it was a once in a lifetime experience. Now when there is winter at the moment in SA, it’s the best time for to go hiking in Table Mountain. Our first hike was like almost 8 hours and over 17km journey up, over and down Table Mountain. I have to do that hike at least one more time before flying back to Finland.



Culture and lifestyle also in SA has a big difference compared to what we have in skandinavia. Also working methods are different and time of use in work is not in so big role like in Finland. So for me it has been challenge to train local crew to do log house installation and work like Finnish style. Keep up in planned schedules and maintain the quality. Never less that has been also challence for installation crew everyday learning new and do the work under demanding supervisor.


But I’m pleased for what we have done by this far and the South-Africas first Polarlifehaus log and smarthome has started to rise. It’s also nice to notice that people on area where we are building now has huge interest for our Finnish products and ways to do the work by quality.

So I have had interesting conversations with people, residents of area, potential new customers and also with several local architecht’s. So yes it’s quite possible in near future that I can enjoy some more also of sporting in SA landscapes.



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