“CSN-Services Oy handled the job with professionalism.”

As a developer, resident and owner of Wave, I can conclude that CSN-Services has worked on our site very professionally and ambitiously. Our project was unique in its  details of designing. Season in the outside was  more than challenging, but when the innovativeness and precision encountered the result was a truly high-class quality.

Polar Life Haus and Architect Seppo Mäntylä designing was implemented in the winter, in really challenging conditions and this increases the value of the work. Workplace cleanliness and quality tools are also a major part of the success of this style Project. In all respect of which, Csn-Services has been an example of high-class work quality.

Now, half a year later the completion of the project, I can not be anything but gratified with the performance of our entire team, from the design table to the end result.

In my opinion, working in this kind of project is also a great deal of interaction between people and the exploration of many alternatives that builds a sustainable design in a constructive, professional and creative environment.

– Anonymous owner of house Wave, January 30th 2018

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