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Who they are?

This spring has been busy for us and also challenging time for team. Lot´s of new working phases and methods needed to be learned and trained for team working on our site. Villa Nordic will be completely ready during May 2019.

For me in role of Supervisor for last 12 months have been interesting adventure. Great time for exploring overseas in South-Africa. Creating social and business contacts. Having new friends and causing social impact effect for locals trough this project.

I will introduce Villa Nordic later this summer in my blog, but now I wan´t to introduce my team and bring out what they have on their mind?

-Project Supervisor, Jari Taskinen-

Juha is managing director of
CSN-Services Oy.

Can be found from

CSN-Services is our company in Finland. Juha supervises and leads our domestic projects like frame works of Glass Resort igloo´s and restaurant. 

Did also few trips to CapeTown assisting in works of “Villa Nordic” project and training our South-African crew.

-SuperVisor, Juha Taskinen-

”A short story.  Is there such a thing?
I have been working in the building industry for 10 years now. I started out as a “Gutter boy” driving material up and down from work sites. I rapidly progressed over two months running a sub-division of my then employers various work sites.  Managing and working with my own teams. From knowing absolutely nothing about construction to managing my own teams and being in charge of my own division in less than 6 months. I learn really fast and am always eager to learn more and advance my unique set of skills.
I then stayed under the same employer for the next 9 years. Still learning and still growing.

Having said this, when I started with the project ”Villla Nordic” at Stonehurst Estate, I felt a little overwhelmed at first but soon realized that the manner of work and work ethic was non like we had in this country. From the use of different materials to working methods, being totally different what I was used to it in South Africa. I found that there was still so much for me to be learned and I have only barely scratched the surface.

What new I have learned so far for during the project, the list is a little too long. And a short story was requested. But the manner how works are done and work ethic, totally agree with me and I am excited to think that there is now an opportunity for me to work and learn more even overseas in Finland.

My expectations for the future are to continue learning and growing within a company that can help me achieve my goal becoming a high skilled professional.

-Clark Mostert-

Working on this project was the best thing that could of happen to me. I have picked up so much knowledge that will only benefit me in time to come. I have learned that it is important to have the proper tools to do the job efficient. Working in a team guided by Supervisor gives us more confident and the job goes much easier. I need to learn much more to understand more, because the quality of how ”Villa Nordic” was built is top class.

I would love to continue to working in new projects and get into the finer details so as to become skilled professional who can be left on a project with a team of my own. I would love to grow with this company and take the future opportunities what are offered.

-Jonathan Hendricks-

I have learned a lot from building a engineered timber house what includes installation of doors and windows, roofing, water proofing, cladding, flooring and many more working phases guided and taught by our Supervisor.

It feels good, and for me having learned new things, using tools and working methods how to get the job done right, quick and efficient, all this is something what I didn´t had change to learn in South-Africa never before until in project ”Villa Nordic”.

Still I need more training and practice in guided environment like we had on this project. I am expecting to go even overseas to Finland to learn more and become professional builder in future with high quality standards.

-Charles Simba-

The day I started working in project ”Villa Nordic” I knew it would be a good adventure.

I have learned a lot during past 10 months and I am still learning. The way and style of working is awesome, I really appreciate the time and effort what SuperVisor has put into the team and made us understand that small little things can make big difference in outcome and always willing to assist us no matter  how busy he is, whether is it a question or showing us physically how to do something , a great teacher and a big role model to us.

The way you have taught us, just makes works go easier and you always have a back up plan for everything. 

I have a big interest for learning more even overseas to improve my working skills. I am honoured to be a part of this team.

T together
E everyone
A achieves
M more

My future plans with the style how you build in Finland is to be as good as our Supervisors  Jari and Juha and to be more confident to take new projects or challenges.

-Craig Patience- 

Earlier in my career I worked in Europe, mostly in the UK for roughly 7 years where I learned my trade as a carpenter and how to do things right by European standard and way of construction.

When I came back to South Africa about 12 years ago I was very disciplined and had high standards of workmanship, but over time the African way and African standards started creeping in and I lost my way so to speak as a Proper Master Carpenter.

Working with Logpro´s Supervisors past few months has awakened the will in me to learn more of how Proper construction and especially in Carpentry and Custom Wood works should be done. I have had the best time in years, doing things such a High standard again and wanting to improve myself. The Scandinavian way of wood works is at a very high standard and I believe it’s definitely the measuring stick in engineered timber construction.

I am the owner of a successful company in South Africa and would gladly give that up for a few years if that is what it takes to go overseas and learn even more, improve myself and refresh my skills again. I have learned a lot over the last few months and I would love the opportunity to spend more time with Logpro´s Supervisors Jari and Juha to improve my knowledge and learn more about materials and methods ”Know How” used in Scandinavia “Finland Especially”.

-Johan Lotter-

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