Villa Nordic and year 2019.

Year 2018 has been success in many ways. For me it´s been also a time taking big steps forward with new ideas, planning future and focusing becoming opportunities. I have met new people and shared my “know-how” during my project, seen places from other side of the world  and created opportunities for crew going towards new challenges. Despite of challenges and structural difficulties of project our crew has shown it´s potential. My words have been often for crew that “we don´t have problems, we have only solutions” when facing challenges on work.

House Villa Nordic is build with Finnish quality standards. Our plastering application is very much different what locally is normally made from. This high-quality house naturally earns also service free “skin” over it´s ground floor. Word for to describe our application method would be “Gore-Tex”.
Waterproof from surface but still breathing moisture away from structures and mesh makes fiber based wall screed even more stronger preventing cracks.

Outcome and final surface of wall is what we do in Finland. It´s high-quality, long lasting and service free. Works also in warm conditions as well as in cold climate. Lakka is a Finnish brand, product and manufacturer of our used application.

And like always in busiest time December we had new quests visiting on our site.
This time our honorable quest were
Architect Seppo Mäntylä and Chief Engineer
Harri Isomäki
from PolarLifeHaus factory. Despite of our tight schedule it´s always pleasure to have visitors from other side of the world traveling on site and helping finalize architecture details and learn more about local conditions.

Our work site was closed on 15th of December before Christmas with smiling crew. Site will be opened again after summer holidays in January 2019. 

I wan´t to give special thanks for Philip, Johan, Jonathan, Charlie, Graig, Sandler, Riku, Kari and Speedy. Also for Mike´s team and our Finnish team on this project for past year 2018.

I wish all the best and happy new year 2019 for everyone!

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